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HELO is a wearable health-band that provides wearers and healthcare providers with important health data aimed at early clinical intervention, proactive self-management, enhanced patient compliance, and improved, outcome-based healthcare.

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HELO is an excellent health-tracker capable of providing continuous and/or orthostatic vitals to its wearers, as well as to healthcare providers.

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The information can be accessed remotely allowing others to be informed about the health of the wearer. It will even transmit the data to a healthcare provider to become part of the wearer’s permanent medical record.

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HELO technology fits in an elegant band that focuses on health and wellness, targeting health monitoring, trends, data analytics, and even predictions, rather than acting as just another fitness tracking device. Unlike other wearables on the market, HELO gathers, stores, analyzes, and presents personally generated health data, 24-7-365.


With HELO, help is just a button press away. In addition to serving as a continuous vitals monitoring device, HELO also serves as a useful companion if the wearer experiences trouble. With the SOS Panic Button, loved ones and caregivers can be alerted if problems arise and will even receive the wearers GPS location. Whether it’s a child, family member, or friend, HELO provides an extra measure of safety and peace of mind.


The current features included in HELO LX already exceed those of every other wearable on the market, but truly game changing features are coming. By the third quarter of 2017, HELO will usher in continuous blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, and blood alcohol levels. As a novel, yet important feature, HELO will also include a mosquito “repellent” function by utilizing a unique algorithm that repels mosquitos, thus allowing wearers to avoid bites from potentially disease-carrying mosquitos.


However, the most exciting technology that will be ushered in on the HELO platform, coming in the fourth quarter of 2017, is the additional of the world’s first, non-invasive, continuous blood glucose monitoring device on a wearable with no need for a finger-prick – the disrupter in the lives of 100s of millions of diabetics. Not only will this function dramatically improve compliance, thereby improving outcomes, the HELO LX will assist in identifying pre-diabetics long before they become symptomatic.

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Legal Disclaimer:
HELO LX measurements are not designed or intended to substitute professional medical advice, clinical assessment, or medical measurement. In case of concern, inconsistency, or measurement abnormalities or if you develop skin irritation or any negative effects, stop use immediately and consult your medical professional. Mineral and magnetic therapy products are considered unproven remedies. Their efficacy is not recognized in traditional medicine and should not be used as a substitute for medically prescribed treatments. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem.

Safety Information:
Not to be worn by anyone wearing any medical electrical implant device.
Medical Warning:
This product is NOT being sold as a Medical Device or to replace professionally prescribed Medical treatment. Consult your Doctor before use. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, WEAR A PACEMAKER, OR ANY OTHER FORM OF ELECTRICAL IMPLANT OR DEVICE FOR MEDICAL REASONS OF ANY KIND.

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