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Charging the Battery

Your new mobility device comes with a charging unit to recharge the batteries. We recommend the device be turned off before charging. Please refer to your owner's manual for further information.

Battery Life

Useful battery life of your device will vary depending on usage, terrain, the user's weight, and frequency of recharging.

CAUTION: Do not allow your mobility device's controller to become wet. Any water, including rain, will damage the controller. Always cover the controller with water-repellent plastic before travel or prior to operating during a rain shower. We recommend the use of a power chair/scooter cover for transportation or storage.


Do not store your mobility device outside or on a non-enclosed porch as dew, mist, and other condensation will corrode batteries and may short out electrical components and void your warranty. Extended periods without operation require battery recharging prior to use.

Traveling by Air with Your Mobility Device

Beforehand, batteries must be removed and properly stored. Most airlines provide this service, but please check with the airline before making travel arrangements.

After-Sale Service

Our goal is to ensure your mobility device operates safely and efficiently and that you are 100% satisfied. If your equipment requires service, please call us at 979-268-6882 or our toll free number at 1-866-466-3510 to speak with our experienced customer care specialists regarding your needs. We attempt to handle your request within two business days.

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